What are the guidelines to follow when selecting an AC contractor for a system replacement.

  • Be licensed in the state of Arizona to install residential air conditioning units. ( Be in good standings with the AZ ROC.)

  • Verify that the cooling load for this installation is consistent with ACCA Manual J or equivalent procedures, and that the capacity of equipment is within 15% or a half – ton of the sensible capacity. ( Manual J calculations ensures proper selection of the equipment for your heating and cooling needs.)

  • Verify that the systems airflow is within +/-10% of the blowers rated capacity. ( proper duct sizing is the key for your systems performance.)

  • Verify that the refrigerant charge is within.+/- 5% of the manufacture specifications. ( proper airflow is essential to correctly charge a system with refrigerant to manufacture, specs.

  • If there are permits required for a system replacement, make sure they are procured prior to project comencement.

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